Advances in Digital Radio


Digital Radio systems continue to advance at a rapid rate.

Icoms Dstar based on the JARL standard developed from work by Satoshi Yasuda 7M3TJZ has been operational since 2004 and has gradually been taken up maimly as a mobile mode for repeater use. It is in fact the use of network linking between different repeaters r repeater groups where many of the advantages lie.

There have been other implementations of Dstar such as Dongles and hotspots and the implementations of D star using the raspberry pi have proved fairly popular.

A number of Dstar implementations such as Dutchstar, DVRPTR1 and DVRPTR also have their followings for those which like to take a look under the hood or are looking for an alternative to Icom gear.

Now though with the introduction of Mototrbo into the amateur market there are signs that interest is beginning to heat up.

Connect systems have now announced the introduction of a combined D-Star and Mototrbo compatible radio which will be introduced later this year and will be called the CS 7000.

For more details here is a Youtube video from Ham Radio Now which tells of developments in various forms of digital voice.
You can also follow progress at the rapidly expanding Yahoo group CS7000.