Radio Links


Setting Up the Raspberry Pi as a fileserver

Callsign servers


FCC database
US, Foreign w/ grids, lat/long. Updated nightly from FCC. (updated DAILY). New/changed FCC licenses.


RSGB Radio Society of Great Britain. As we are affiliated club members, only fitting we have them top of the list.
TNC PI A TNC designed to work with Raspberry PI
Bring And Buy Buy or Sell Amateur Radio Equipment, roque traders exposed etc.
Ebay Buy Radio Buy and Sell Amateur Radio on Ebay UK
DX Forecasting This page on provides propagation information from several sources
D-Star Wilkipedia Information on D-Star
D-Star Find who has been on D-Star in the last 24 hours from
D-Star Find locations of recent D-Star Activity Jfindu locator powered by Google
D-Star Locate repeaters worldwide for D-Star Contact
D-Star Technologies Emerging From D-Star
D-Star For latest News on GB7WC and GB7DV
D-PRS D-PRS Interface is an APRS<->D-STAR bridge, APRS clients can see D-STAR radios running in GPS
D-STAR Chat D-STAR Chat or d*Chat is an application that enables text to be sent via an attached D-STAR radio
D-Star Yahoo Group about D-Star
D-Star Video on U-Tube about D-Star implementation.
U-Tube D-Star radio listening to GB7PI Repeater 2E0GYX/M in QSO with M1BXF
Satellites & Space Satellite Information About satellites and tracking software
Science Workshop Home of the poor mans spectrum analyser
AADE Almost All Digital Electronics – covers everything the experimenter needs to know, rigs etc.
Low Power The GQRP Club for QRP operators.
Morse Enthusiasts Fists Club for Morse Operators
Everyday Practical Electronics Practical Electronics Magazine – homepage International Space station & APRS ?
RTTY a valuable tutorial resource from  Don AA5AU
Torbay Torbay Amateur Radio Society List of Club Websites
Logging Software AC6V logging software site ~ links to most logging programs
Macintosh  OSX Hams and X Wealth of Radio Programs for Mac OSX many free
Linux OS Linux Software For Radio  ~ Many programs available.
Mail Groups KT3KJ hosts Mail groups on many specialist Amateur Radio Topics at
USA Contests WA7BNM Lists contests in the USA taking place during the next week
UK Band Plan  AgraphicalEasy to read Wallchart
Storm Forecasts Weather can affect propagation see what storms are active and how they move. From G3RJI Real time map of MUF other space weather informations and excellent photographs
Solar Windspeed Latest 48 hr reports on solar windspeed NASA Slor and Heliospheric Observatory






Gateway Electronics.
RS Components.
Icom (UK)
Icom (UK) D-Star Information Cushcraft Corporation
Mirage Communications Equipment Ameritron Inc.
The MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
Lowe Electronics
Martin Lynch & Son
Waters & Stanton
Maplin Electronics
Walford Electronics Kits Cumbria Kits and Components JAB Electronic Components Rapid Electronics
Bowood Electronics
Altec Tools and Hardware Elecraft Home of The K3