Restoring a TPLINK router to Original Firmware

If you have played around with OpenWRT DDWrt or other derivatives like Funnelweb or similar downloads

You might reach a point where it would be handy to restore the router to its original TPlink firmware.

In my case made a configuration which worked to relay from one router to a new subnet using WPA. Unfortunately when switched off the connection had to be redone manually on next use.

I was uncertain reading various pages in the Wiki and on Forums whether removal of the boot part of the file was necessary for this particular file and with the web interface which I had installed.

I decided to risk this a direct upgrade using the file downloaded from


However this produced an error that the file was not the correct type.

Further research brought me to this page

Downloading the stripped file from here worked straight away.
So you do need a stripped file and you can use the web interface
instead of putty and WinSCP if its available.

Thanks to friedzombie for providing this resource.