Raspberry Pi

Xastir On The Raspberry Pi


Installing Xastir

Xastir allows you to sent upa location server for your internet connected Pi to show the location of your station on aprs.fi via the APRS network.


1. Get image file
2014-mm-dd-wheezy-raspbian.zip and unzip to get

2. Download and unzip
3. From the downloaded files in 2 run Win32DiskImager.exe Select the correct image file and destination which will be the raspberry pi’s SD card

4. If a config file is available to work with the screen in use with the correct resolution copy this onto the card.

5. Insert the card and connect monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Insert the power connector.

The raspberry-pi should now boot into the configuration utilty.
raspi-config see http://elinux.org/RPi_raspi-config for details

In the UK the correct Locale is default so you only need to

EXPAND-ROOTFS – Expand Root Partition to Fill SD Card  if the image is smaller than the card you are using. Over time you can then add more data and applcations to make more use of the card.

6. login as pi user to shutdown the system after exiting raspi-config

Plug in the network cable and restart this time an address should be assigned, I checked this in the routers client list.

7. Since this is a new build it requires updating.
sudo apt-get update

Followed by:
sudo apt-get upgrade if you want to look for newer packages

Now’s also a good time to make sure the who Linux distribution is up-to-date. You can do this now, or later (it may take a while). Again make sure you have an internet connection and run:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

I omitted this to save time as the download is recent. When running apt-get you may be prompted with a continue Y/N.  Just type Y and return.

8. sudo apt-get install gdebi
This installer is useful for installing packages from the gui

if required later.
9. sudo apt-get install Xastir this installs Xastir

10 startx start the gui and then locate Xstir and run it.

11 Follow the configuration details as in